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Family Visa

This is issued to the spouse or child of a long term temporary stay visa (study, work etc)

How long is the visa issued for?

The visa is issued for three years.

Can the holder of this visa change conditions while in South Africa?

Yes, your spouse or child can change conditions on the visa while in South Africa. These visas can also be extended while in South Africa.

Key requirements

New Horizons will assist with /furnish:

  • A detailed schedule showing the required supporting documents by the applicant, the required application form and draft letters
  • Support documents by the sponsor, draft letters, required supporting documents to show proof of funds

If applying in South Africa, New Horizons will register your application on the ‘Visa Facilitation Service centre website’, set a date to submit the application, allocate a staff member to monitor the progress of the compilation of your application to meet the date set for submission and collect the outcome of the application at the centre (should be lodged 60 days before expiry).

If applying abroad, New Horizons will communicate electronically to ensure that the applicant has a copy of the complete application for submission.


Academic Sabbatical
  • Letter of support by Foreign and South African study institution to confirm role and proof of funds
Voluntary or charitable activities
  • Stay should be funded by a foreign source
  • South African receiving institution should confirm acceptance
  • Letter by South African institution to confirm acceptance for research
  • Confirmation of funding by South African institution or foreign institution
Other categories of visas which are prescribed and are issued for up to three years:

Teaching at an international school

  • Letter by an International School in South Africa to confirm placement and funding

Films and advertisements produced in South Africa

  • Letter by the foreign institution confirming the project
  • Letter by the South African supporting institution

Foreign journalist

  • Letter by the foreign institution to confirm role in South Africa and proof of funds
  • Letter by the receiving South African institution to confirm acceptance and role

Visiting professor, lecturer or academic researcher

  • Letter by the foreign institution to confirm support and role in South Africa
  • Letter by the South African institution to confirm acceptance and role in South Africa


  • To submit a portfolio of previous work
  • Letter confirming purpose of stay in South Africa and proof of funds
  • Letter by a receiving institution in South Africa


  • A letter to confirm project/ details of the visit to South Africa and proof of funds
  • Letters by receiving South African institutions to confirm project/details of activities in South Africa

Tour leader

  • Letter by foreign company confirming the tour to South Africa and support
  • Letters by South African institutions who are involved in the tour

State witness

  • Case confirmed by the relevant Deputy Director or Public Prosecutor


  • Please note that we assist exclusively with South African Visa’s only, we do not assist with visa’s to immigrate abroad

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